About Us

AQL, Ar-Rahman Quranic Learning Center established on 1st Muharam 1429 or 29th December 2008 as an institution that has movement in improvement and renewal coverage Dawah, Education, Social, and Wakaf that eager to bring the community back to the Al-Quran.


Vision of AQL Islamic Center is Developing Civilization based on Al-Qur`an


Searching and spreading Quran which is the greatest mercy of Allah, Eradicating blind meaning of Al-Quran, Functionally practicing Al-Quran after embellishing the activity with Al-Quran, Spreading and integrating the concept of Tadabbur Al-Quran, Building character referring to Quran and Achieving the glory of Akhirah, instead the kingdom of Dunya

We Provide The Exceptional Dawah Services We'd Want To Experience Ourselves

the purpose of making Muslim people able to practice the teachings of Islam in community life and to disseminate it to the community
Creating and designing activities to support continuous learning activities covering formal, informal and nonformal from basic quran school until University
Social Charity
The goals of our organization is informed by philanthropy and are meant to improve some aspect of life for the community at large.
Managing and developing waqaf prospects by improving quality of professional nazhir with coaching, waqif donator, and nazhir usefulness.

AQL Islamic Center Activities

We have complete services in Da’wah, Education, Social, Economic, Regeneration that eager to bring the community back to Quran
Tadabbur Quran Lecture

Tadabbur Quran Lecture

Thursday Night Tadabbur Class for 10th years
Al Aqsa Voulenteer Training

Al Aqsa Voulenteer Training

Palestine liberation program for voulenteer
Reading Quran Lesson

Reading Quran Lesson

Lesson methode for Reading Quran
Women Lecture

Women Lecture

Special program for Moslem Women

AQL Islamic Center