About Us

AQL (Ar-Rahman Quranic Leerning Center) established on 1 st Muharam 1429 (29 th December 2008) as an institution that has movement in “islah” / improvement and “tajdid” / renewal in area of Da’wah, Education, Social, Economic, Regeneration that eager to bring the community back to the Al-Quran.

Vision : Developing Civilization based on Al-Qur`an

Mission :

  • Searching and spreading Quran which is the greatest mercy of Allah
  • Eradicating blind meaning of Al-Quran
  • Functionally practicing Al-Quran after embellishing the activity with Al-Quran
  • Spreading and integrating the concept of Tadabbur Al-Quran
  • Building character of Quran
  • Achieving the glory of Akhirah, instead the kingdom of Dunya